Volunteer Today!

What does Volunteering do for the Hubbard County Republican Party?

1. It gives new experiences, insights, interests and opinions. 

2. You give back and help others in the process of volunteering. 

3. It creates connections with all people, no matter age, race or walks of life. 

4. You get a great sense of accomplishment which uplifts others and yourselves.

Looking for VOLUNTEERS for the Hubbard County Republican Headquarters from August, September, October -- 

     We are planning on having the HQ open Monday thru Saturday and volunteers are a vital part of this activity!  If you can spend 2 hours a week [or a month] - and would like to get involved - please fill out the form - we'd love to have you!!!

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How Do We Start Volunteering?

**Join us for our monthly Republican meetings, the 2nd Monday of each month. (We even have refreshments!)  check the Facebook event page for updates to locations [https://www.facebook.com/HubbardGOP/]

This is where you can learn more about what we, as Republicans are all about! WE love new ideas and you may have some, which we as a board, would love to hear!

**Participate in the Caucus process - help register and organize attendees; set up and clean up

**Work with planning our Annual Fundraising Dinner. It is a wonderful night of hearing from our Elected Officials and learning more about what is happening at our State Capital. PLUS you get to meet other Conservative county residents!!

**Help get our elected officials re-elected by door knocking, phone calling or putting up election signs.

**Volunteer to drive a parade unit in any of the County parades.

**Come on out to the Fair!!! Creating the Fair Booth and working shifts at the Hubbard County Fair is a fun summertime event!

**Like golfing? Get your friends, family and co-workers to join us in a Fundraising Golf Tournament.. great prizes, fun atmosphere and delicious food!

Do you have an idea we should try?? Do you like to talk to people, are you good at organizing people/events, maybe you enjoy being creative, or thrill to working with numbers, you thrive on social media or are tech savvy, or you just want your voice heard and see where it takes you?

We would love to hear your thoughts and in the process it will bring life to your volunteering experiences!

Come join us and let us work together to Make America Great Again!!